Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Renting Rocks

I don’t own 100 Reidel wine glasses, a really big pink tablecloth, two 11 foot market umbrellas or a large coffee urn.  Yet, I have used all of these things at parties over the years. I guess I could have borrowed these things from friends but they are pretty specialized items, so I chose to rent.

I am a big fan of renting things for parties.  It’s a great solution when you need something really specific like 100 Riedel glasses for a wine tasting and purchasing is not a great option due to either outright cost or knowing the item is going to be truly a one-use item such as the big pink table cloth I rented for a baby shower for a friend having a girl baby.  It’s surprising what you can rent and it’s really not as expensive as you might think. If you find yourself needing something special for your next party, check the rental companies in your area (in Santa Rosa I use GrapevineParty Rentals).

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