Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quick and Easy Herb Rice

Looking for a quick, easy, yummy way to perk up regular old rice?  I found this herb and scallion rice recipe in Martha Stewart Living awhile ago.  My husband and I eat rice often during the week and I am always looking for new ways to fix it. The good news is, we both loved this dish. The bad news is, we felt that it had a few too many steps for a mid-week rice dish.  Also, it calls for a few different herbs and I hate buying several herbs for just one use. What to do?

I hit upon the idea of making several batches of what I call “rice water” at a time and freezing it. I mix the herbs and water together in the blender and then put into a container or freezer bag and freeze. It freezes beautifully. When I am ready to make a batch of rice I just defrost the water and I am ready to cook.

I also found that if I skip the part in the recipe where it says to toast the rice in oil and instead soak the rice prior to cooking it, the cooking time is dramatically reduced. You will have to figure out how it works with your pans and on your stove, but I usually need to cook my rice for less than 10 minutes.


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