Thursday, May 23, 2013

Check it out - Glassybaby

If you need a pretty things fix do yourself a favor and navigate over to the Glassbaby website. Haven’t heard of Glassbaby? Let me fill you in … they are wonderful candleholders in many different colors, like little gems. They are created by hand in Seattle, WA.  I need to warn you, they are sort of addictive. You really can’t just have one.  You will get one and then progress to three and then to seven and so on, just so you know. Oh, and to make it even sweeter, they are very civic-minded and give money to cancer charities and other causes.
They are perfect on the table at your next dinner party (or even your dinner table tonight!) to hold either candles or a low flower arrangement. I use one to hold a bunch of colorful pens on my desk.

Check out their photoblog today!

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