Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Looking for a perfect pizza wine? Try Barbera!

This photo is neither wine nor pizza. I took it at a truffle fair in the
Piemonte region of Italy (Barbera comes from Piemonte.) and thought
it was a nice photo to share.
Last week I wrote about pizza on the grill. This week I want to share a great wine that goes well with pizza – Barbera!  What is Barbera you ask? It’s a grape type (or “varietal” in wine speak) not a brand.  The grape is originally from Italy and there are many wonderful Barbera wines from there, but some American wineries also make it and those wines are definitely worth a try.

Why is Barbera a good pizza wine? First off, it’s got good acid. This makes it pair well with pizza. Actually instead of the word “pair” I should say “stand up to it” since pizza typically has some pretty strong flavors and it can quickly overwhelm  a wine.  It will go pretty well with your pasta and red sauce too. Second, it’s usually a fairly inexpensive bottle of wine.  I don’t know about you, but I never seem to feel that pizza really deserves a great bottle of wine.  So, finding something that pairs well with pizza and is priced well is a winner in my book.
I have listed below some Barberas that are tried and true. I will warn you that wine distribution is a funny thing and you may not be able to find these in your area. What to do?  Go to a wine store you trust, pick up a Barbera or two, grab a pizza and find your own perfect pairing.

Miraflores: http://bit.ly/16EONLt
Michele Chiarlo: http://bit.ly/18JXK3s
Fontana Fredda: http://bit.ly/ZIVZTB

This Barbera costs a bit more but is very worth it if you can find it:
Aldo Conterno: http://bit.ly/13h7oZ7


What is your favorite pizza wine?

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