Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Power of Salt & Pepper

Salt and pepper are really simple seasonings and it hardly seems worth mentioning them. But they are so powerful it seems negligent not to mention them. So, let’s discuss.

Don’t be afraid to use salt and pepper.  Even if a recipe does not call for salt and pepper take a minute and consider if it will add to the dish (I am talking mainly about cooking here rather than baking). Take meat and poultry for example. I have not encountered a piece of meat or poultry that was not improved by sprinkling it with both salt and pepper. On both sides. Why both sides? Because you eat both sides! I learned that in a cooking class, no joke. Anyway, no matter what the recipe says, I always start by salting and peppering my meat and poultry. And don’t be stingy, sprinkle away! Vegetables too.  A little salt and pepper goes a long way here. And eggs! Eggs need salt and pepper.

Consider two easy upgrades for your salt and pepper that will bring benefits to your daily cooking:

·        If you don’t have one already, invest in a pepper grinder. I am partial to copper pepper grinders.
·        Toss your regular salt and use kosher salt.

Looking for more ideas for upgrading your salt & pepper?

·        Try a special salt such as Hawaiian salt, sea salt or grey salt. To learn more about gourmet salts go here and here.

·        Consider trying truffle salt the next time you grill meat.

·        Try Florida Pepper which is a citrusy pepper that is wonderful on vegetables.

·        Consider the fragrant long pepper next time you fill up your pepper mill.


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