Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Try This: Long Pepper

I took a cooking class in Italy a few years ago and not only learned to make homemade pasta and focaccia bread but was introduced to a pepper called long pepper. What is long pepper? Well, as you can probably guess from the name it’s called that because the peppercorns are fairly long – some are about two inches long. Tastewise, it has less heat than regular pepper. It’s more fragrant too. After we got home from Italy we tracked down long pepper online (I am not sure I have ever seen it in a store).
Over time, it has replaced common black pepper at my house. I like it better because it’s more mellow and flavorful than regular black pepper. I also like that is does not have as much heat.

One thing to know, due to the large pepper corns you’ll need to break them up a bit before they go into your pepper grinder. I use a mortar and pestle do to this. You could also put the long pepper into a plastic bag and hit it with either the smooth side of a meat cleaver or a hammer wrapped in a towel.

Have you ever tried long pepper?

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