Monday, July 29, 2013

An Early Morning Run Through Dry Creek

I ran through the Dry Creek area of Sonoma County last Saturday as part of my training for the Water to Wine Half Marathon next month. It was perfect running weather – overcast and cool but not cold. The vineyards are heavy with grapes and there are some early signs of fall even though it’s late July. I thought I would share a few of the things I saw on my run. Enjoy!
Most of the leaves on the grapes are still a vibrant green, love the contrast with the lighter plant on the ground

Grapes are not the only things growing here - I saw peach trees, apple trees and olive trees

Love this mailbox - very appropriate for a country road

Old vine Zinfandel - I can tell because the vines are thick and gnarly

The yard ornament above is made from the metal hoops off of an old wine barrel

It's not uncommon to see signs advertising flowers, eggs or produce for sale, sometimes on the honor system
And here are the zinnias that were advertised

These grape leaves are just starting to change color

I love the way the red roof of this barn contrasts with the green of the vineyard

This is so fun and whimsical!
I hope you have enjoyed this short pre-harvest tour of Dry Creek. Have a great week!

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