Monday, July 8, 2013

Roadtrip to Bones Roadhouse for BBQ Sauce

Each table at Bones has both hot and mild BBQ sauce
If I told you that my favorite barbeque sauce comes from a place almost two hours from my house would you think I was crazy?  OK, maybe a bit.  In my defense, it’s really good barbeque sauce. Want to know what it is? Thought so.

The barbeque sauce in question comes from a restaurant called Bones Roadhouse in Gualala. Gualala is on the Northern California coast, just past where Sonoma County ends and Mendocino County begins. The drive up there from my home in Santa Rosa, CA is beautiful with great ocean views.

Pulled pork + homemade chips + BBQ sauce = yum!
Once at Bones, the first reward is getting to have lunch there.  The food is classic barbeque – ribs, pulled pork, brisket, etc.  I am a big fan of their pulled pork, my husband likes the brisket.  Most dishes come with homemade potato chips on the side. The first time we ate there, we saw people putting barbeque sauce on the chips and wondered a bit about that. Turns out, it’s really good and another way to get to have more of Bones’ wonderful sauce.

The second reward for the long drive is getting some barbeque sauce to take home. So, what’s the sauce like? It’s smoky with a bit of a bite but not too hot (they have both hot and mild versions) and just a bit sweet. We use it on everything – ribs, brisket (ours is not a good as Bones’), whatever!

Have you ever roadtripped for food? 

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