Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sonoma County Wow Dishes: Burrata Cheese from Rosso

Burrata cheese from Rosso in Santa Rosa
I put together a list of several of the “wow” dishes from some of my favorite restaurants in Sonoma County. None of these restaurants are fancy. Several are in sort of odd locations.  But they all have in common at least one dish that is delicious and memorable.  I’ll be rolling out this list over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Here is the first entry … Burrata cheese from Rosso Pizzeria.

 Rosso Pizzeria has sort of taken Sonoma County by storm. They opened their first restaurant in Santa Rosa a few years ago and now have another restaurant in Petaluma and a thriving catering business. Their mobile pizza oven is a fixture at winery “pick up parties” – parties wineries have where their customers can pick up wine, taste a bit (current releases, barrel samples and library wines are all fair game) and have a bite to eat, preferably catered by the great Rosso team.

The pizza at Rosso is terrific but what makes it special is the house-made burrata cheese.  According to Wikipedia, the name burrata means buttered in Italian and that’s a pretty good description of the cheese. The outside of the cheese is a thin layer of fresh mozzarella that has been rolled out.  The thin outer layer is then filled with a mixture of mozzarella cheese curds, fresh ricotta and mascarpone cheeses, along with salt, pepper and olive oil.  

The freshness hits you first. Then the creaminess. Then the smoothness of the olive oil that you douse it with. Then the pepperiness of the pepper. Eat it “neat”, no bread, no distractions. Try not to lick the plate. 


  1. I love their burrata but my new favorite dish is the polenta cake with mushroom gusto. I can't get enough of it. Have you tried it? BTW, we'll be pouring our Amista Sparkling Syrah for their anniversary dinner on Aug. 15. I hope you'll come.

    1. Hi Vickie - I have not tried the polenta cake. It sounds wonderful I am getting it next time I go to Rosso. Thanks for the recommendation! I bet the Amista Sparkling Syrah is a perfect pairing for Rosso's food. Yum!