Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to Freeze a Frosted Cake

I was telling my sister recently that I got a birthday cake two weeks in advance of when I needed it (the bakery is 100 miles from my house and I was in the neighborhood) and then froze it.   She said, “You froze a frosted cake? How do you do that?”  I told her how and she said, “You need to tell people how to do that.” So, hopefully this qualifies as “telling people how to do that.”
Here’s how you freeze a frosted cake: 
Purchase the cake or make it, including frosting it.
Put the cake in the freezer. If it’s in a bakery box, just leave it in the box. If it’s not in a box put it on a plate or something else that you don’t mind having stuck in your freezer for a bit of time. Freeze for a few hours or overnight.  Don’t forget about it.
Take the cake out of the freezer and out of the box if using a box.  Carefully wrap the cake loosely in foil. Put the cake back in the box and return to the freezer. Keep it there for no longer than a few weeks as cake is pretty absorbent and I think it will start to have freezer taste if you keep it in the freezer too long.
When you are ready to eat the cake, take it out of the freezer and immediately remove the foil. Allow the cake to thaw at room temperature.

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